Monday, December 9, 2013

Weathering the Cold, Still!

If you wonder what we've been up to here in the cold, here are some pics that will tell the story.  We hang out with Croft and Norma, go out to eat, and have a lot of fun talking.   We all like politics so we have a blast going back and forth.   Great to be with people who have knowledge and opinions of what goes on in the world.

The other day I received an email from a fellow blogger, Mike, also known as the Wandering Mike.  He was north of us in Edinburg and asked if there was room here at the park.   I told him to come on over.  He is parked on the other side of us.   Yesterday Croft needed something from Progreso, Mexico so we walked across the border.  You can see by the picture below that the weather sucks even in Mexico.   

After a walk down the main avenue, we found a little restaurant that we have eaten at before.  Good food, out of the tourist section and very reasonable.  

Here are the two tostadas I had.  We ordered leche con cafe since it was cold out.

We headed back home for naps and internet and later Norma made a great salad and we had jambalaya.  Delicious!   

We are here for at least another day, they came and towed our SUV away.  The shifter on the transmission quit working.   They don't think it is anything big like a trans replacement so we are sitting here keeping our fingers crossed.    


  1. The shifter on my motorhome quit working once and it turns out it was a safety feature letting me know that the fuse for the break light was out. It ended up being a $10 repair. I hope you get as lucky.

  2. Been wondering where you all are - no post from Croft either - figured you were all having too much fun! Wish we were there!

    Yummm good looking tostadas!

    Fingers crossed on the truck!

  3. Looks like the weather doesn't bother you a lot... good thing... don't know if you'll find it better anywhere else ;-)

  4. I believe my Dodge Ram has the same tranny. My shifter mod on the side of the trans quit working and had to be replaced. One hour of labor but the part was nearly $400 so the total was just under $500. Ours failed last spring. Part is a Dodge only piece. Good luck. The food pic looks like you ate well.

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico