Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Got The New Charge Controller

The weather has been so bad the last few weeks that going into Monterrey has been out of the question.  It took Juan an hour and a half to get downtown today.   People just are good in foggy and rainy weather.

I made it a point today to get the charge controller.  I waited until 10 a.m. to leave.  So I went to the gym first, came home had a quick breakfast and read my email and off I went.   It took me over an hour to get across the city.   I called on the way for a second time just to make sure the technician was going to be there when I arrived.  Two very nice guys who are trying to make a business out of solar energy but are subsidizing their business with the rent, sell and repair of karaoke machines that look like giant Iphones.   I admire their hard work and now they are looking to buy a place to set up their new shop and are looking to import large quantities of panels.

There you have it.  Tomorrow I'll have it hooked up and maybe the sun will peak out.  Tonight I print out the list of maintenance items that need to be done on the SUV.  I am ordering LEDs this week so I can pick them up at the end of the month in McAllen.  I still need to purchase a water filter for the kitchen sink.  That way we can use on board water without any issues not only on the trip but also here in Mexico.   We use the tank most of the time anyway and we don't have any issues.  
I need to get crackin' on my wish list for our trip and get the rv road ready!

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