Sunday, February 16, 2014

Great Sunny Weekend - Solar Is Really Working

I didn't realize how easy it was to grill salmon.  It was pretty thick so after I thought it was ready I zapped it for a minute just to make sure.  It was flaky and juicy.  A bit expensive but very fresh and for a special occasion.

The solar panel is going to town and it keeps the batteries charged at 12.6V on average.   I'm ready to start working on our list to get repairs done.  We may go to San Antonio this next week to do some work on the rental there and also talk to a realtor.   The Rv Store is right around the corner and their prices and work are pretty good.  I think though I can tackle the Fantastic Fan replacement.  It seems pretty straight forward, there is already a vent fan there so it would be to take one out and put one in.  What say you?  Caulking is the part that I think counts the most.

We spent Friday night here at home with our dinner and watching a movie.   Yesterday the temps got up to 35C so we had to get out of the house.   We did some basic chores like pressure wash the palapa.   You know finding a good worker is hard no matter what country you live in.   Well, I made a deal with my neighbor's caretaker.   He has two kids and for some strange reason they are not taking English classes in their school, the program should be offered but it's not.  So I told them, I will tutor your daughter who is in high school once a week and give her free materials.  One condition pending; you bring me a trusted worker that do the construction work and maintenance that is needed.   Deal.

We had a nice breakfast yesterday and then drove into Santiago.  We visited all the restaurants in the plaza.  There was only one open last year.  Now there are seven and the weekends are booming even in the cold weather.  Tourism is back and people are happy again.  

Two articles in today's Sunday paper here in Monterrey, one good one bad.  Good, "Anticipating Building Boom on the National Highway", that's where we live.  Bad, on the front page of El Norte; "Visas for Mexicans Traveling to Canada Drop 45%".  We may not make it to Canada.  We are even considering flying and renting to see if that will get us the visa.  

More later and have a great Sunday!  

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  1. Bartering system,how great bis that??Hope you get your Canadian stuff worked out.
    We are in the 40 degree mark this week,WHOOOOOHOOOO!