Thursday, February 6, 2014

What Should We Take?

Still not sure about what we are allowed to take into Canada.  Based on your experiences, what would you recommend in terms of food items?

The weather is cold and I am afraid we're going to have some sleet.  It is now near freezing and it will be another cold night.  

Wish we were on the road now.  


  1. I think there's a website that tells you what's allowed... or not. The amount of alcohol is always a factor... be sure to check on that if you have any liquor at all. Depending on where you enter, things like potatoes and some fruits (especially those with a seed like a peach) are monitored. Our own experience is that it isn't nearly as stringent as coming back to the USA from Mexico... we don't have any pets so don't have that to be concerned over. Are your cats coming with you? Quite frankly, going into/coming out of Canada is a piece of cake compared to traveling back and forth across the USA/Mexican borders. I'm sure you'll get better help form others, but we've crossed back and forth so many times I can't remember... a lot seems to depend on the mood of the agent ;-)

  2. Here are a couple of sites that might help you.

    This might come in handy later:

  3. You already know the US/Mexico part so it is mostly the US/Canada part. Canadian customs has never ever searched us or asked us what we had in our fridge in over 15 years. You should restrict your alcohol to 1.5 litres each. Going back into the US from Canada is when the problems start. No meat, very little veggies or fruit are allowed. Bananas with stickers are okay. Bread and pastries are okay but no nuts. the rules change weekly. One week eggs and romaine are okay, the next week they are not. Best to cross into the USA with very little in your fridge.

  4. Restrictions on weapons, alcohol and tobacco are the main ones going into Canada and contessa is right about returning into the US and emptying the fridge!!....I got raked over the coals for having a few slices of kiwi in a plastic container!!! A lot depends which border you cross at also....The Canadian gov. websites will fill in all the info you need.....Marilyn ps It's only 80F in La Cruz!!!

  5. Hey Chris!
    In addition to what you can take, think about things that you can store up that are much more costly in Canada than the USA or Mexico - such as coffee. Stock up on butter, milk, eggs to the limit that you are allowed. Depends on what things you like. Stock up on packaged items - if you send me a list of the things you like to eat I can let you know if it will be worth it to take from the USA. I'm not sure about prices from eastern USA to eastern Canada. You may want to stock up on items in Texas….