Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Hate Hotels

Not really but I prefer staying in the rv over someone else's bed.  I made it to Corpus Monday afternoon and did stay in a very nice hotel that had a full open bar from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and a pretty decent hot breakfast.   I didn't pay the tab though the company booked the reservation.

I came back to McAllen yesterday after the course which by the way was one of my better ones.  A public school that is pretty much rural Corpus and the kids were awesome.   From the minute I walked into the building everyone smiled, greeted me and I felt at home.   The norm for Texas public high schools are kids in slippers and shorts, tatoos, piercing and the manners of an oil rig worker.    

However, my way back to the valley was met by surprise.   Again, I am a target of local and state police.   As I was coming down Hwy 77 I passed two black-unmarked SUVs and the officers wer talking to each other.   There was plenty of traffic to patrol so I didn't think much of it.   As the script goes, they waited until I got about a mile down the road and then they came up behind me but not following close.   Then, one of them floored it, was bumper to bumper when he hit the lights.  I pulled over and it lasted for about 20 minutes.   I showed all my documents, I was frisked, but only after he had moved me out of the way of the camera.   I mean really, I'm an older man now, not some kid and I was not driving the SUV, a little white VW with Mexican plates.   In the end, he said he stopped me for a lane change without using a signal.  Hmm, funny, I didn't even change lanes.   This happens everytime I leave the valley and head north.  Imagine what happens to Mexicans.   Awful!

I got to Harlingen and started looking for a hotel.  It was late and I needed to send in the checks, reports and registrations at a FedX office and it wasn't going to happen.   This hotel is on me so I did some shopping.  I had attempted to connect to the internet at a McDonald's after my police harassment but the signal stank so I moved on.   There are some real dump for under $75.   One of my last stops was a Holiday Inn but they only had a smoking room for $149 so I thought fine, I'll sleep in my car.

I headed towards McAllen and passing through Mercedes I spotted a La Quinta and exited.  Of course, the exit passes the hotel, poor planning on their part and I could see the parking lot was pretty empty.  And there it was, the famous Mercedes Outlets and next to it a chain that caters to Mexicans here in the valley.  I pulled in and the girl was very nice.  I always ask to see my room first because you just never know.   Perfect king bed, huge flat screen, handicap room which is much larger with a sitting area, microwave and a minibar.   She quoted me $65 plus tax and I thought, okay.   I was pretty pooped and it was closing in on 7 p.m.  I was talking to her about the Mexican holiday weekend we just had and we chatted for a few minutes.   Then she said it was too bad I hadn't booked on line because they were offering a 30% discount during the week to get the month going.  I asked her if I could use my laptop and she agreed.   I ended up with a nice room (no carpet but good Mexican tile), high ceilings and all the things I needed to have a good sleep.  All new furniture, mattress and wonder Holiday Inn style bedding. 

A little shopping this morning and then heading home.  


  1. I'm always astounded at how often you are "suspect"..... of what, I can't imagine. Glad you found a decent place at a decent price.... we seldom stay in a hotel... but Bill always watches TV (which we don't have) when we do stay. ;-)

  2. Too bad about your cop experience,until recently i never had good relations when stopped.Just ticketed.