Friday, February 14, 2014

Solar Working Again

First off, a big hug to all my friends on this special day.  Happy Valentine's Day!

I got the charge controller hooked up.   It has a lot more buttons and functions than the other one and the instructions are in English.   The other was in Chinese and I was really struggling with my Chinese classes just to read the instructions.   Good thing is, now I can quit those classes.   I couldn't find anyone around here to practice with.

Yesterday, the batteries were full ( I had them disconnected while there was no charger).   The panel showed 3 amps coming in the afternoon.  The trees block a bit of the sun during parts of the day so I may have to move it to the other side of the driveway.   

One of the options I have yet to figure out is the time settings.  It somehow allows for you to set the time the panels turn on or off, or better said, let power go to the batteries.   At sometime in the late afternoon it stops allowing power to come in.   The instructions are about as good as the translator who did them but at least I can understand the functions.   I will keep fine tuning the system but it is good to know we are back in the power business.

Tonight I am fixing a special dinner.   Salmon on the grill and a good bottle of wine.   Today we celebrate 30 years.  Yikes.  Who would have ever thought.   


  1. Happy anniversary... and Happy Valentine's Day as well. Big hugs for the both of you!

  2. OMG! 30 years! I don't know how Juan did it!

    Seriously, Happy Anniversary to both of you! That is quite a milestone.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!! Too bad about the Chinese lessons!!!!! first chuckle of the day...We have our 45 coming up March 1!!!!Marilyn

  4. Happy Anniversary, you two! A perfect day to celebrate 30 years of love! Congrats and enjoy! xo xo

    1. And it really is! Today the tems were 35C, now we're talkin' Mexico here. Getting ready for a great piece of salmon. Thanks friends.

  5. Happy Anniversary! 30 years is a great start for sure. The State of Oregon is 155 today. Not bragging, but 9/12 it will be # 50 for Mo and me.

  6. Happy 30 and big hugs back to you both. Yum to the salmon and the vino.