Saturday, February 22, 2014

Head Up - Important Travel Tip

Based on events over the last week which include the theft of a Canadian toad, I am offering again one of the most important travel tips in Mexico.
Mexico is still a paper based society and we ask for lots of documents and copies.  This is good for travelers in any country and not just rvers.
Make copies of all your travel documents:
  • passports
  • visas
  • driver's license
  • vehicle registration
  • pictures of your vehicles
  • pictures of your license plates
  • vehicle titles
  • copies of keys
  • important phone numbers; your local DMV, accountant, etc.
Scan them, burn a copy on CD, USB stick, and then email yourself the documents.   Send one of the CDs to a friend or family member.   No one every knows what can happen.  Imagine a fire in your rv (god forbid), theft, car accident, etc.
Know before you go. 


  1. No one has ever regretted having too many documents and copies with them.

  2. The only thing you didn't mention that we use regularly is credit cards.... make copies of them as well. Also inform your bank and credit card company when you are going to be traveling out of your normal routine... and be sure to try out your cards at an ATM at home before you try to use them in another country.

  3. Thanks for that Chris - we have most of that - I'll make sure that we have it all next winter! Good reminder!

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