Monday, February 10, 2014

Visa In The Works

We finally weeded our way through the Canadian immigration website.  Oh brother, what a mess and no disrespect to any Canadians.   It asks for a lot of information.  One thing is Juan will have to prove he has enough money to spend two to three months in Canada.   We still don't know how to prove this, if it is cash on hand, a bank account statement, or what.  

We also need three letters of recommendation.  One from the East, Central and West coast.  You already know who you are and you will be receiving an email soon.  No obligation because it asks for a lot of information from the person making the recommendation and several forms of identification.   (This is really starting to sound like a witch hunt against Mexicans).  The cost of the application is 858 pesos, non-refundable.  Let's hope we fill it out right the first time and that it is accepted.

The reason I asked about food was that we aren't bringing stuff we think we won't be able to get at home, but more about things we can bring to help reduce the cost of our trip.  Everyone knows that food products are cheap in Mexico, higher in the U.S., and very expensive in Canada.

One good thing we did learn is that with a one-time entry visa, it really means you can cross back and forth into the U.S. several times during the six month period.

We got our online banking situation squared away and we will begin testing it to make sure we can make credit card payments, wire transfers, and bill pay without any issue.


  1. So, The question is: Do they go thru the same process for American's or are you being profiled for being from Mexico????

    1. Hi Phil, there has been some visa issues between Canada and Mexico recently and they are making it very sticky for Mexicans to get into Canada. I won't have that issue but we won't be surprised if we find some surprises when we get to the border. Our situation is a bit different. Two different nationalities, two vehicles registered under two different names, both with Mexican plates. The list goes on, but you get the idea. Worst case is we get turned away (I doubt it, Canadians are good people) and we travel the western states.