Saturday, February 1, 2014

Too Much To Do!

I have a trip Monday to Corpus Christi and I hope to be coming back Tuesday night.  The only thing I need to buy is some Dicor to do the Fantastic Fan install.   I'm ready for Tuesday but not ready for our trip to Canada.   We did get the VW ready for Corpus so that is out of the way. 

I talked to the mechanic who said he may be able to schedule a trip to the house to check out the brakes and wheel bearings.   I have that as a priority on my list.  I still haven't picked up the charge controller.   It's an hour and a half drive and if I'm late because of traffic sometimes the guy is on a service call.  They are doing some solar installs in homes around Monterrey.   We now have bi-directional home meters so some of the larger, what we call residences, are now supplementing their power needs with solar.  I sent him an email and made arrangements for Wednesday or Thursday.

The next list is the SUV.   A laundry list of things to do but I won't post it here out of embarrassment for all the deferred maintenance. Yikes!  Yep, mañana syndrome affected me years ago.   The house has some details and there are some things going on but those are on the back burner.  

Tomorrow we have a mass to go to for Juan's parents who have now been gone for many years.  The whole family is coming and we are having a lunch after.   We're taking tostadas with beans, cheese, salsas, and the others are bringing asado de puerco, rice and all the trimmings.   

I attempted to increase our on line banking service.   I went to the branch where we opened our accounts some 25 years ago.   The guy was nice enough but he left out some details.  So now I have this device that looks like a USB but isn't, that has a code on a small screen that changes every 30 seconds, they call it a token.   I can't log on for the life of me and will have to go back for another round.  This is important because we want to make sure we are able to make transfers between U.S. and Mexican accounts, pay bills on line, etc.   I don't pay the utilities on line because I don't receive a tax deductible invoice.   During our trip it won't matter.   Lolita may come knocking on the door next year wondering why I didn't report income for the summer months.   

I've got wet feet now and Juan is very excited about the trip.  We are working on his travel visa for Canada.   That's kind of a mess too.   You have to register on line and the questions are very vague.   For example; Do you work?  Yes or No.   What about retirement?  

Then I have the issue of the SUV and the trailer.   Mexico only allows one name per title.  We have the SUV in his name and the trailer in mine.   I'm wondering if that is an issue.   You can't just pick up the phone and call someone.  I sent an email but no answer yet.   

Stay tuned.    


  1. Good luck with everything ....if we can help you don't hesitate.....Marilyn

  2. Now you have an inkling of all the prep we have to do for our RV's and toads when we head to Mexico from Canada year after year not to mention banking, etc. The first time RVer's next door to us here had their bank card expire yesterday. They had not thought about being sure all credit cards and such would be current for the 6 months they were away. Always something to be checking before you leave. I have lists for our lists and we still forget something.

    1. You're right Contessa. One of the reasons we have decided to make the trip. Everyone keeps coming down to Mexico making the trek and we want to make sure we do our half! Good note on the the credit cards. Thanks