Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Visa Update - Birthday Weekend


A group went to the lake for Juan's birthday.  We didn't stay long as you can see by the pictures below.  The last three months have been like Semana Santa here.  It is good for tourism, businesses are opening all along the highway and people are coming in droves.  

Traffic was so bad that we didn't want to wait in the kilometer long double-laned lines to get to the lake.  Instead we parked at the gym across the highway and walked down.  First thing we say was this guy gliding around the lake.

As we got closer and began walking down the street in front of the lake you could see the crowds.  I would say that 60% of the people with a beer or drink in their hands were under 18 and the majority of the girls were around 16.   Lots of full body tattoos, motorcyclists of all ages including retirees groups.  The noise was not my cup of tea although I am accustomed to it.  As some of you know me well, in large noisy groups I can be a real lump on a log.  I prefer quiet and less people.   I haven't been to a concert since I was sixteen and that is fine with me.

This is where we had a great seafood dinner.  Fresh shrimp brought daily from the coast around Tampico.   They have been selling out at night because of the crowds.

Boats lining up to take people out on the lake for a ride.

With this small shot you can imagine how large the crowds were.  It was hot outside and the alcohol was flowing.  They have liquor stores along the avenue and the highway that sell cold drinks, beer and alcohol.

As for the visa, it has been submitted and we have about 22 days to wait for a response to see if it is accepted or not.    A long wait but we are keeping our fingers crossed.   As I told you the other day, we have already come up with a back up plan just in case.   


  1. There's no way the visa application won't be accepted. If Juan can get into the U.S., he can get into Canada.

  2. Happy Birthday Juan ..My grandson shares his birthday with you..May you both have a wonderful day!!!