Monday, February 3, 2014

The Shoe Is On The Other Pie

And I don't mean "pie" like apple pie.  Pie in Spanish is "foot".   I sent Kevin an email regarding boondocking spots in Canada.  He has tons on his blog.  
I have to say though that now I know what it must be like for some rvers coming to Mexico for the first time?  Yikes!  I am truly lost. 
I guess the first thing is to make a route and then start looking for places to stop along the way.   There are tons of boondocking spots listed on the in Canada.   Amazing.  Kevin said they didn't pay for but a few places along the way across the country.  So much to digest.
Well, I made it to Corpus Christi.   The bridge wait was one hour and forty minutes.   As I said yesterday, today is Constitution Day and everyone came to the border to do some shopping.  The border agent was super nice to me and I kept my answers to a minimum.  I'm practicing for Canada.  There is a new article that surfaced that says they will change immigration rules for Mexican tourists going to Canada. 

Eliminación de la visa de mexicanos que viajan a Canadá podría concretarse

The article is in Spanish but they are thinking of reducing or eliminating some of the requirements for Mexicans.  The Ambassador will be visiting Mexico in February.  This may be good news for us. 
I'm sitting here at the hotel in Corpus Christi at happy hour.  Free drinks and not just beer and wine.  It is about 9C outside right now and is supposed to drop to 3C.  There are only four guys at the bar hitting up on the barmaid.  I'm going to meet Juan on line at 7 p.m. for what they now call "Face Time". I learned that from David and Cam.  That's when we connect on Facebook for free video chat which really works better than Skype. 
I will head back to McAllen tomorrow afternoon after I finish the course.  I need to stop by a FedX office first to drop off my reports and all the envelopes with checks inside!  Then I will spend the night in McAllen so I can pick up some things for the rv.   Maybe all this is really coming together.  I have  bad feelings about leaving the cats.  At least LB, 13 yrs old, I'm afraid he won't make it until we come home.  He is very dependent upon us for attention.  I guess I can get over it.

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