Friday, February 7, 2014

More On Food We Can Take

Oh, government!   Just like the song.   I have been checking the Canadian government website and they have two lists; one from the U.S. and one from "other" countries.   Very confusing and a lot of information to weed through.

One thing is that there are things you can bring but then it says "up to 20 kgs".  That's a lot of cheese for example.  As for milk, we get milk cheap here in Mexico in tetra box.  But the list says we can't bring it.  That is a bummer for us.

So here is what we want to bring from the U.S. I guess because things are expensive in Canada and some things are cheaper in the U.S. than Mexico.

  • coffee
  • cheese (they say butter is better in Canada and what we have tried from Norma, it is better butter)
  • milk in tetrapak
  • eggs
  • canned beans
  • tostadas
  • salsas (although we make our own too, but can we get chili peppers in Canada? ) (may be a silly ?)
  •  toiletries (shave cream, deodorant, hair spray, gel, toothpaste)
  • cleaning supplies
  • mole
  • dried chili peppers
The booze part, well, we may just have to boycott like Kevin and Ruth.  Vodka is vodka, so I wonder what the cheapest vodka in Canada is and what it costs?


  1. Not sure what kind of canned beans you are thinking of but; Canada has the best canned Pork and Beans, the Heinz brand. Beats any brand in the USA by far.

  2. Heinz brand is US and located in Pittsburgh.

  3. Can't beat Bushes beans and they are cheap in the US all of the above you should be able to bring into Canada Jus go with the flow

  4. Old El Paso brand refried beans are available in Canada.

  5. Canada taxes booze by volume so this makes even the cheaper brands almost as expensive as the better brands. Liquor is not cheap in Canada so bring all you are allowed from the US.

  6. Good luck with that.Don't get caught smuggling as i can't bail you out!!!!\

  7. I checked the LCBO (Ontario) website and found Absolut 750ml for 26.95 and Alberta Pure Vodka for 24.45 750ml. We buy Gilbeys for around 25. For beer around 30. for President's Choice lo carb 24 bottles (this is what Stan buys and keeps going back to it after trying other kinds!!)If you like saurkraut get Franks in a can cause you don't get it in Canada...Hope this helps....Marilyn

  8. I can't imagine worrying about not being able to buy what you need as you go!

    1. Lot's of variation between the 3 countries!

  9. Yes you can get fresh chili peppers in Canada. We also have a much larger and better selection of great cheeses that in the US ( in my opinion ). I have never seen in a tetra pack in either the US or Canada and we always bring back at least 20 with us. As I mentioned before we have never been searched re food coming into Canada but always going into the US from either direction. With your luck you will likely be searched :)