Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day Trip To Mulege

Took off early in the morning for Mulege.  My brother and his wife were in awe with the scenery.  The mountains really show off the majestic colors not to mention the elevations.  We were stopped by a military checkpoint which was something new for them.   They were surprised how nice and friendly yet professional the soldiers were.  We ran into a bit of road construction and we had to wait a few minutes here and there as they let one side go while the other waited.

We stopped several times for resfreshment and Steve got a bit impatient when I kept saying "Mulege is just over the next hill" or "around the next curve".  We saw several small oasis on the road also which were quite interesting. 

Once there we followed the signs for "el centro" and with everyone hungry I yelled out that we were passing a great little restaurant, "Danny's".  It turned out to be very good too.  We ordered quesadillas with carne asada and some fish tacos with corn tortillas.   Delicious.  We headed for the mision which was up on the hill and to our surprise a huge oasis.  What a beautiful sight to see.   We were amazed that no one was in the water, the temperatures had reached 95F by early afternoon. 

We walked around downtown and talked up a storm before we got back in the car and headed back towards Loreto with the idea that we would stop at some of the beautiful beaches where we learned you can stop and set up a camp just about anywhere and at no charge.  Of course there were plenty of small rv parks and beach areas that offered overnighters for a small fee.

We finally decided on one of the many beaches.  They charged us 50 pesos and the guy at the gate wasn't very friendly.  I felt like putting a curse on him but it wasn't that bad.  We found one palapa but it was covered with a blue plastic tarp.  If it hadn't been for the breeze we would have cooked to a nice medium well.  I slept for about 20 minutes enough to recharge the batteries.  The water was crystal clear as you can see and very warm.  

We headed out again and stopped up the highway for a cold drink and then headed back home.  On the way we stopped in Loreto and picked up some avocados and made some mean guacamole with tostadas, beans and cheese.  We went for a dip in the pool and I savored a delicious tequila on the rocks.  

Packing now and heading to Loreto for one last lunch together and then on to La Paz.  It has been a great week and we have had a super good time with Steve and Michele.  Excellent traveling companions and I hope they think the same of us.

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  1. That beach looks like it is Los Cocos, we stayed there in 2007 over Christmas. We really loved it there.

    Sounds like you had a great time in the Baja. Sorry, only now just catching up on the internet now.

    Kevin and Ruth