Friday, April 8, 2011

Was My Glass Half Empty Yesterday?

Yesterday was not a good day for me as you could see by reading my post.   I think the glass was half empty.  Today is a different day and my glass is now half full (geez, I sound like another blogger).  Anyway, it is like I said and the truth is the truth.  I hope I didn't scare off any rvers, that was never my intention and still isn't.

We are going to rv, we don't feel that rving is a threat and when we do it will not be along the northeast border states.   I still feel that there are some good boondocking opportunities and that is what my blog was about originally and before last year we really did quite a bit of it and went to some pretty cool places.

When I mentioned land sales yesterday, I meant here in my area not Monterrey.  New home sales in Monterrey couldn't be better.   However, they the trend is gated communities even in lower income housing areas. 

I do tend to keep out of our town other than going to the gym and after Spring break that may come to an end also.   I still need to see my accountant there every month but that is not a big deal.  My point was for us to remain low profile.  Also, our street has no outlet, I may have mentioned that yesterday and that keeps us safe in the sense that it is not a good hideout.  What has been going on has been taking place out in the boonies. 

Take my message yesterday with a grain of salt, do your own research. 

The Bad Guys Take Houses in Nuevo Leon

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