Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Traveling In Northern Baja


It gets a bit hectic but I enjoy running around here from one city to another.  Yesterday I left Mexicali and took the bus to Tijuana where I will stay the week until Thursday where I then go to Ensenada and then back to Mexicali.
Yesterday afternoon was a great trip on the bus.  The bus only had thirty seats and they were all living room size recliners that turn into sleepers.  They gave us sandwiches and drinks along with a good movie that I had not heard of before, "Gran Torino" with Clint Eastwood.  What a cool movie!  It was dubbed in Spanish but dubbing has improved over the years.  Traveling over the mountains from Mexicali to Tijuana was breathtaking.   I think in the fall we should travel the Baja.  I know it pretty much although the central part was logged in my memory over 35 years ago.

I thought I had recorded a video but I guess I was too busy watching the movie and the camera wasn't really on :).  This video I took this morning on my way to Tecate.  The weather was beautiful; clear skies, crisp air and I feel so relaxed here although it may just be a false sense of security but people tell me that things are good here in Baja. 

I'm sure you have heard now about the invasion of the bad guys into the U.S.  We all knew it was happening but just like here in Mexico we all turned a blind eye hoping it would all go away.   The news this last week has just been devastating for all of us on both sides of the border.  However, now the word is out about all the cities they are into in the U.S., maybe it will get some more attention.  At least people will see what suffering we are going through and how much more we will have to endure.  

A return to civics and ethics in the classroom would be a good start.  I had a group of 220 teachers yesterday in Mexicali.  There were about 20 that were just finishing their studies.  You could really see the difference in their upbringing, education and overall "affect".   I have learned to become a good reader of people.  Back to basics is a cliche to most but to me it is real, true and much needed.  

I belong to a group on Yahoo about life in Mexico.  We have had quite a discussion about what is required by companies here in Mexico in terms of a job interview as well as a good candidate.  Many say that we should "accept" people for who they are, not how they dress, act, or think.  Well, good luck convincing the business community of that.  Same rules apply; people skills, ability to work together, well-dressed, groomed, shoes shined, resume in hand.  Not a hard act to follow.  Come dressed in Gothic and you just won't get in.  I won't say anymore and I won't go there.

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  1. In 2006 I had to take that hwy going to Yuma. Going thru the mts. and became snowbound. They just shut down the hwy until the sun melted the snow enough for travel. it was great watching the families playing in the snow, sure that most of them had never had that experience before--took my mind off being stuck.