Friday, April 22, 2011

Loreto Day Trip

Here we are settled into Founder's Neighborhood.  We took the bus north from La Paz.  The scenery was fantastic and I got a good taste of the Hwy 1 to Loreto.  The highway is in good condition and I wouldn't hesitate to drive it with the rv.  The mountains, desert and small towns make it a real adventure.  We rarely stopped on the trip and had a great bus driver who let us get off before Loreto here at the village.   He pulled into the front gate and got our luggage out of the compartment from under the bus.

Our condo is very comfortable and only 10 minutes from downtown Loreto.  Loreto is still a small laid back place where fishermen still work the bay waters and there are lots of places to drink a cold one, eat enchiladas, fish, fish tacos, and buy souvenirs.  I got up early this morning around 5:15 (I overslept a bit), had coffee while watching the sunrise.  I headed out the door to go running and got to know the compound.  Lots of construction going on and I would say that of the renters that are here it is about 30/70 Mexicans and Gringos.

We walked around town most of the morning stopping around noon to drink a beer.  After that we stopped and had an early lunch that was typical of this area.  I had enchiladas rojas, brother Steve had tostadas, Michelle my SIL had flautas and Juan had papas con chorizo and fresh flour tortillas.  After we headed to the small supermarket, the only one in town and picked up a few things to get us through the weekend.   It is a holiday here as well so things are a bit shut down until Monday.

Got back to the condo and I took a nap.  I need to get some sun screen as I got a bit red being out in the sun but not enough to make it hurt.  Here I am now working on the third story palapa that overlooks the neighborhood and the ocean.

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