Friday, June 21, 2013

Gearing Up For San Miguel de Allende

I just got an email from the landlord requesting my arrival time on Monday.  I will be taking the route south through Linares, Galeana, San Roberto and then down Hwy 57.   It is really hot and it is going to get hotter.  Juan will be coming a week behind me so I can get the house set up and moved in.

The solar will be finished tomorrow.  I got the cables figured out and yes the black is negative so I am in good shape.  Better safe than sorry.   Once hooked up, I can let it run until Sunday and then shut down the batteries.   

I need to get some of the house ready, putting yard stuff away, covering the trailer tires well and putting the LP tanks away in the shed.  Even though the gardner will be checking daily it doesn't mean we shouldn't take precautions.   13 years here in October and never a problem.  I finished washing the outside of the house; screens, windows, wrought iron, walls and under the roof's overhang.  

Tomorrow I have one more job at a school that trains teachers and that will be it for the summer.  The rest of the weekend is packing what we think we will need.  I asked the landlord some basic needs questions and hope she responds so I can plan.   I hate buying knick knack stuff we already have and we always like to leave things behind for the next person.   Those little incidentals that people forget; lighter, bottle opener, can opener, maybe even a pound of coffee.

Kevin asked if the noise at the party last weekend was anything like we encountered at Potrero Chico.  Well Kevin, it was worse than that night.  My ears rang for over half an hour after we left.   Crazy stuff.   And yes Contessa, ear plugs are a good thing.  I sleep with them every night!  The cat snoring wakes me up.

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