Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You Think I Change My Mind A Lot?

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I do change my mind a lot.  I'm good with day to day stuff but when it comes to travel I vacillate daily.  There are just  too many things to see and do and I never know where to go next.  

We changed our minds about Hacienda Contreras.   By the time we get there, Sal and Barb will already be gone and we will be in the park alone.  Not a problem for us but we ran into an opportunity we couldn't refuse.  In reading one of the Yahoo groups in SMA, I ran across a small casita in the back of a house for 280 dollars a month.  I hate leaving the rv behind as that is part of the adventure but we will be taking the little VW Pointer and it will save us a ton of gas as well as travel time.   We are signing on for two months.

I plan on leaving on the 24th of this month and Juan will take the bus down the first week July.   There are lots of things we want to do in the area and will use SMA as a base.  One thing is to check out the convention center and some hotels for the teachers convention in November which will take place in Queretaro.   We will stay with the rv in the Flamingos Inn but the hotels listed for the convention run betwee 850 and 1200 pesos a night.  That's not any good for student teachers traveling from Tijuana or Villahermosa who can only afford a two-bed 300 a night hotel room.  Being kids they don't mind roughing but they deserve something good for their money.

We also have two houses outside SMA that are for sale and I have had my eye on them for the last month.  They are still available and the owner is willing to build two more.  We also want to do some volunteer work at the botanical gardens and I would love to give a talk to interested ex-pats who want to learn about government agencies and services.   Our landlord there is a teacher also and wants us to share info on the milk program, and other services offered by SEDESOL (Secretaría de Desarrollo Social y Humano).
I want to thank Les (The Never Ending Journey Blog) for checking out the place first.   We told Sal and Barb to stop by if they head to the U.S.


  1. you are welcome and I think that is so you what you are planning to do here if you need a bodyguard for those whiners on the list i am your man!!! Cheers Les

  2. Thanks Les! Hopefully they'll learn to like me! :)

  3. Hint, hint, hope if you buy a house in SMA that it has lots of RV parking!

  4. You are allowed to change your mind. Glad you had a decision. But what about that Class A you were looking at. You need to finish the story.