Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trip to Celaya - Busy Day!

First off, I just finished dinner and did the dishes.  A bowl of pasta with some delicious Spanish chorizo, broccoli and a salad.  Doing dishes it came to me that there are no spots.  At home, our well water is so heavy with minerals I have to give the dishes a vinegar rinse about once a month.

Got up early, had a couple cup of coffee.  Slept like a baby last night, all the way through until 6 a.m., ouch I overslept.   It was good though and I must be accustomed to our new digs now.   Off  I went to the gym and I need to get used to that.  I'm not complaining but is it really necessary to bang the discs and dumbbells?  This gringo guy who we say last year, makes a ton of noise with huffing and puffing.   It appears he is on a HRT program.  Still looks fat to me but pretty beefy.  Finally, the owner came and told him to take it easy and he wasn't happy about someone telling the customer what's what. 

Then Tinkerbell came in, thin as a rail and he was huffing and puffing and running around like his life was ending in ten minutes.  Good thing, after about 20 minutes they both left and the rest of us could workout in peace.   I walked to the gym, three blocks away near Weber's.   Got back home and had a quick breakfast and headed out the door to pick up Dorothy.   She found another car to look at and this one was in Celaya.   I met her near her house and off we went.  Great highway to Celaya, fast.   We were meeting the seller at the Costco so we got there early and did a quick walk around.  Snacked on a few things they were demonstrating and then we headed out the door.  Five minutes later, the guy shows up in the Range Rover.  Nice, normal wear and tear, but the guy was cheesy in his answers.  He was honest about mechanical details which were very minor but the papers weren't in his name as he just received the car from someone as a payment for a debt.   Not a big deal but the SUV had plates from D.F.   We walked away from that deal and headed back to SMA.

I dropped off Dorothy and went to a ciber cafe to print an insurance payment and went to the bank to pay.  Then home for nap, time flies when you're on vacation.   Great nap, the cats were sacked out, not quite sure what they did while  I was gone but they were beat too.

Before dinner I went for a walk down to the Jardin in the center of town.   No one was here to ask me "do you have the camera?" so there are no pictures.  All I can tell you is one thing;  THE WEATHER IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Now for a cocktail and some internet television and off to bed.  


  1. I have never figured out why some folks are so oblivious to the noise and clutter they make ... or maybe I'm just easily annoyed..... at any rate, I probably live a rather isolated life..... maybe living near the town plaza in San Miguel wouldn't be my thing afterall..... but... I'd still try it in a heartbeat!!!!

  2. Pete and I are so looking forward to your time there as we hope to do the same thing there in the future. We read the blogs of Babs , Shannon, Todd and Les, also add Rancho Santo Clara. So have a great time in SMA and do post,loads of pictures and share your impressions. It will be much appreciated. Cheers, Shelagh