Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hiking At The Botanical Gardens

Note:  Silverware.  Turns out I had been eating on top of it the whole time.  There is a hidden drawer under the table in the kitchen.  Kind of like sleeping on top of a dead man!  Duh!

After I posted yesterday morning, I headed out for a hike at the botanical gardens.   It is a great place to go walking.  I didn't go inside the gardens but chose to wait until Juan shows up and we can enjoy it together.  Instead, I walked around the perimeter and down to the lake.   It's a beautiful area to go hiking and a great place to bird watch (Bill and Sharon from The Odd Essay would love it here not to mention the opportunity to practice their Spanish they learned in Spain).

One thing I like about this area is how well-maintained it is and clean.  We always carry a bag with us and pick up whatever trash we can.   It's not a lot but if everyone took a small plastic grocery bag with them and filled it up it would make quite a difference.

Down this trail I came across two kids with sling shots having a ball knocking off cactus leaves and trying to get frogs in the water.   Summer has started and school is out.
Last night I had dinner with Les at Hecho in Mexico next to the Instituto Allende.   It is a wonderful place to eat.   Live music with violin and we chatted up a storm.   I don't know about Les but I had a good time and LMAO.  Les looks happy and fit as usual and very happy with his life here in San Miguel de Allende.   

Today I am taking a long walk up to the glorieta near the exit to Queretaro where they hold a market on Sundays.  Tuesday is their big day but I want to get in some walking.   I can always take the bus back down the mountain should I poop out.   Have a great Sunday.  (Yes, I'm taking the camera).

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