Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fun In The Sun

Wow, for such hot weather we find lots of things to do at the beach.  Yesterday we actually went to the beach and played in the water.  We also went for a drive down the island to the end of the road.  Amazing how sands change their course.  Took a walk around the park last night to see all the rigs and had a drink in tow. While we out we also watched the fireworks they have every Friday night.  In between all that we cruised through the Walmart and watched people fill their carts.   

Somebody left patio lights here.  We turned them on to see how they looked.

The internet works out to about 2.75 a day and I have to say that the service is very good.  They have 13 towers around the park.  A great system although, like everything else, it costs you extra.

We received a message from Jerry and Paula.   They said they had friends here on the island and they thought we might like to meet them.  Paula sent me the email and I gave them a call.   We decided to go out for breakfast this morning and they would drop by to pick us up.  

After the initial greetings Dana told us we weren't going out, that see was cooking breakfast.   Boy, did she cook breakfast.  Homemade biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs on the side, and a real treat of molasses as a dessert over the biscuits.   We talked for over three and a half hours and watched the views from their condo.

Gene and Dana have traveled quite a bit around the world and rved for years in Mexico and have great stories of their adventures.  They are very knowledgeable about Mexico and its customs and cultures.  We hope to see more of them in the near future.

Oh, and I forgot.  We also went to the sand castle contest that was held today at Clayton's.   It was 3 in the afternoon and really hot so we took pics and bailed out after that.  We went to the rv, took a nap and have just returned from the movies.


  1. Our internet is costing us $3.83 per day!

    Oh, by the beach + black tshirt = maybe not such a good idea!

  2. We knew you four would have tons to talk about. We're more than happy to share such good peeps with you and vice versa. Lovers of Mexico seem to have a great starting connection.
    It sounds like you are packing lots into your days on SPI. Good on ya! Wishing you continued fun!

  3. Brian and I were there several years ago - had some problems with Tilly and all the burrs. Brian had to carry her everywhere but on the beach. If you get a chance, go down to the point at the very south end of the island. The current there changes quite a bit with the tides and you can watch lots of dolphins fishing there. Very cool! You can watch all the tourist boats taking paying customers to see what you can see for free.

  4. I think that place agrees with you. Would have loved to see you frolicking in the water.