Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gearing Up For A Trip

First  off, remember my rant about Bennigan's in Matamoros?  I knew when I was eating the pasta with chicken there was something wierd going on but I thought I was focusing on the price.  I was sick for almost a week.   It was a tough three days but I didn't let on during my course.   Looks like now I am getting over it.  Home-cooked is best.

My no-celebrate birthday is coming up this week and I want to spend it at South Padre Island.  It looks like a storm may hit the coast but it keeps changing its mind as well as its course.   I like rain anyway and we will leave the cats at home.  They'll enjoy the house and the yard more than being cooped up at the beach and not able to go out of the trailer.

There is a very good rv repair center in Port Isabel and they have a good labor rate.  I want a fantastic fan installed in the bedroom, repair the bathroom fan and also do some caulking if not a leak test. 

We will also be scoping out an rv park for September and October as I will be starting my courses in Texas.  We want to go to San Antonio around the end of September, I have a course in Seguin on the 26th.  The house needs some trim replacement and some painting (in SAT).   I need to figure out all the details and how to do it but I hope we get a good early bird rate like last year, 110 dollars a month is well-worth it.


  1. Did we get a report on the performance of the solar panel during your absence?

  2. One of the first things we did was add a fantastic fan to our RV bedroom. We use it all the time.

  3. Good reminder Croft. I didn't post anything. First thing I did when we pulled in the driveway was to check the trailer. The charge controller was receiving 13.8 and the batteries were at 12.7. I need to check water levels this week. I put covers on the battery posts before I left to SMA. Works great. I have another inverter I want to hookup for the entertainment center. If we make it to SPI or beyond I want to order the LEDs for all the roof lights. If we go to SPI, we want to boondock at least one night, heat pending.