Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Heading Home Today

Nothing to post that would be interesting to read.   It's hot here at the border, over 100 everyday.  It's not the most beautiful city in the world, its population is over 1 million, it's dusty and dirty and completely out of control.  There are some nice areas and I happen to be staying in one.  I've been out at night walking and feel like I do in any other place, safe and happy.

The situation here is out of control and yet the city and its people continue to go about their business.  The Home Depot next door is doing big business, the mall is full, you can't find a place to park at the HEB.  The school I am working at is abuzz with student orientation and the campus is very nice, a refuge for the kids.  It's a public high school and the teachers really know their stuff.

But, I've seen some things I can't believe, and I heard personal stories from teachers who are coming from satelite schools for the course who have lived some pretty gruesome things.   We'll leave it at that as I don't  want to post it on the blog.  (Chicago during prohibition)

Next week is my birthday and I am hoping to take the rv out somewhere, haven't decided where as the heat is not letting up.

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  1. I don't think we've ever been into Matamoros... when we're heading south we use the Los Indios crossing. So no experience in that area. Wishing you and early Happy Birthday... hope you do something special!