Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Back To Laredo And Then . . .


Yesterday was a fun day visiting Del Rio.   You’re probably wondering what you do in Del Rio but we visited a couple of stores and other areas of Lake Amistad as well.

Last night was very quiet.  Easter festivities ended early and all the picnickers went home.   After six p.m. it was us and the deer.   We watched a movie we had seen before called, The Colony.   It is the story of the military coup in Chile and a flight attendant who is mixed up with a foreigner fighting against the Chilean government.  Based on a true story, it was worth seeing again.  We spent the first part of the evening sitting outside watching the deer approach as but cautiously.

I also made a delicious stove top pizza for dinner.  We don't have an oven but I would gladly trade our microwave for one. 

This morning I visited for a while with the Natl Park ranger who came around to check on things.  A very interesting guy who is a veteran married to a Mexican.   He is bilingual believe it or not.  Meeting him you would never think.   They travel to Mexico quite a bit visiting family in Tepic and Mazatlan.  He used to work for Alcoa in Cuidad Acuña crossing back and forth every day.

We took off around 10:30 and headed here to Laredo.   I wanted to stay in a park with good wifi because Juan likes to post on Facebook with lots of pictures.   We found the park at the crossing of Hwy 83 and 255, Vaquero Rv Park.   Forget it, $40 a night and there is no wifi.   We are risking the noise of semis as well as the trains that pass by with frequency.   We found a good spot I hope we don’t get kicked out of.  Maybe a picture tomorrow and some may criticize but, oh well. 

We checked with the visitor’s center and they said all was good to stay the night so we took a quick 45-minute nap and went into Laredo to buy vitamins and gas up at the HEB.   Gas around here is as high as $3.59 a gallon on Hwy 83 and at HEB it was $2.39.  Worth the 12 mile drive.

We will head home in the morning crossing at the main Laredo bridge off of the I-35.  


  1. Ruth uses our gas oven a lot. Couldn't do without one! In fact, even the camper we bought in Australia has a full size gas oven, along with a four burner stove top. Your pizza looks great though!

  2. Trade your microwave in for a convention oven. We have one in both the house and the RV and I never use my ovens at all.

  3. I love our gas oven use it all the time. I would not have an rv without it.