Saturday, April 13, 2019

Tomorrow - The Long Wait - Laredo

Tomorrow we head out on our two-week trip to West Texas.   Thanks to the U.S. president, wait times at most of the bridges are up to three hours as of today.  Take into account, if you're a foreigner, apart from waiting to cross the bridge, you still have to obtain a permit which can take an additional three hours.  

With the rv in tow, I will have to wait along the side of the offices until Juan gets his permit and we can move on.  There is no privilege, no exceptions including the infamous Ready and Sentry lanes.  They are suffering the same long waits.

Crossing at Colombia will make it a bit easier and less stress as we won´t be driving through Nuevo Laredo.   Even though we are now living the non-neoliberal life in Mexico and the laws of anti-corruption via osmosis have been enacted, I have no confidence or faith.  I only wish I had a dash cam to record any possible extorsion that might take place.   As rvers, it is a rare occasion having U.S. or Canadian plates.   Having Mexican plates changes the whole situation.  Especially now, our wonderful state department of motor vehicles, made the decision two years ago to eliminate the little sticker that has the current year on it.  Trust me, we are prepared.  I was smart enough to get three brochures that state we no longer have the sticker and it has to be recognized by other states under federal law.  You know, sometimes you just want to test the system.

Anyway,  we will update late tomorrow on the length of our wait at the border and any other details that may come our way.   Not sure yet if we are staying at the Laredo Tourist Center north of Laredo or heading through Catarina, Tx where Croft received his speeding ticket on the infamous curve.

I think I may be changing my header on the blog as a memorial to Little Bit, at least for a year.  That famous line from the Shirley Booth movie, Come Back Little Sheba, stays with me.

"She ain't comin' back, is she Doc?"


  1. Good luck crossing the border into Texas and enjoy your time there.

  2. Careful Chris, don't test the system too much. Hoping that it all goes smoothly other than the time waiting in lines. You are both missing her so much, she was your travel companion. Hugs to you both and safe travels.

  3. It will be interesting to hear about the challenges you will have on this trip.I know you are anticipating this trip,probably more than most.Enjoy.Life is good,as someone says.