Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Carrizo Springs - Lake Amistad


No pictures yet but I will post some tomorrow.  We spent the first night after crossing the border in Carrizo Springs.  We spent yesterday hanging around the town.   It's dead, the main street only has a couple of businesses open, the rest are shuttered.  We ventured into what is supposed to be an antique store.   It was creeping.   We walked in and it looked like a hoarder's house.  The ceiling is falling in and the insulation hanging down.  As we opened the door, you could see the open ceiling and hear crickets that are up in there.   Then, an old lady came out from behind the counter, scary looking.  She probably thought we were scary too.

Took off and headed to Eagle Pass and stayed at the Kickapoo casino.  They have an rv park and it cost $15 a night and no wifi.  Nope, not for us.   We asked if we could park in the back and check out the casino.  You can't park in the visitor parking lot because they have a barrier over the top that only has a height of 8'5".   The shuttle driver took us around back and said that since it was a Monday there were very few visitors and we could stay for free.  Great!

We went in and signed up for our $10 and gambled off and on during the day.   Broke even but we had a blast.  If you're on Facebook, in the next day or two you'll see some crazy pictures.  Funny place though.  It was a payday so there were quite a few people in the evening.  People on disability and moving around in walkers, wheelchairs, oxygen masks, just kind of strange.  

Checking out the prices of food at the six restaurants and they have a buffet for $9.99,  It was pretty much crap.  It would be worth $3.99 to us.  Everything else was ridiculously expensive.  When you've been to Las Vegas, you understand that the low-priced food is the lure.  

We were parked about 40 meters from the waters of the Rio Grande.  They warned us to be careful even though they have chain-link fencing with barbed wire on top.   Of course, security and border agents were constantly circling around us because of our Mexican plates.  The shuttle lady said, "I don't understand why you'd want to live in Mexico".  Rude.

Got up this morning and got in 8 km of walking before having a nice fruit smoothy.  Slept great.  It's very cool out here at night.   We are at a McDonald's right now having a senior moment, I mean a senior coffee and using the wifi.   In a few, we will take off for Lake Amistad which is about an hour and a half.  We are enjoying the scenery and not worried about making any destination.  That said, Wandering Mike is in Alpine and we'd like to meet up for a meal.  Elephant Mountain WMA is about 45 minutes from there and it looks like a good place to spend a day or two.  You have to have a permit, cost is $12 per person.  We'll never use it again so not sure about that. 

Looking forward to the Marfa lights.   


  1. The shuttle lady said, "I don't understand why you'd want to live in Mexico". Rude.

    Not rude, just uneducated. And, they've had the bad stuff driven into them. They just don't know.

    The Texas WMA areas have some good campsites. If you pay the $12 for the permit, you would also be able to camp for free at the Chaparral one near Colombia crossing.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing you guys. I have not looked into the WMA camping. Lots of RV parks with spacess around though, especially now that spring break is over. Are you planning to spend time in the national park or the Big Bend State Park? Also there is a nice state park in Fort Davis.

  3. Me, I don't know why anyone would want to live in the USA. You are in some of your favorite places so have fun and say "Hi" to mike from me!

  4. Much scarier in the US of A than Mexico ...every place says "no hand guns!" We're in Laughlin,NV heading home. Have fun.