Saturday, April 20, 2019

Yesterday Alpine, Today Fort Davis Hike

We are in Alpine parked at the Lost Alaska Rv Park.   We got a good deal on the last site.   All the parks are full because of the holiday weekend.  We wanted to do some cleaning, empty the tanks and fill up with water for the trip back across Texas since we will be boondocking.

Yesterday afternoon was spent in Marfa taking in the sights.  Lots to see and do If you like art.  We visited several galleries walked the town but were disappointed that Marfa Burritos was closed.  That was one of our reasons for spending the night there.

The lights were great as usual.  Mike came out and we had a few drinks and watched people watch the lights.  The binoculars would have worked much better if I had remembered to pack them before leaving home. 

Last night we treated ourselves to martinis at the famous Holland Hotel.   It was fun sitting there chatting it up with people around us.  A lively crowd of people, some local and some from faraway places.  The hotel is beautiful and I will post some pictures of that too this weekend.

Gotta run as we are off for a day trip to Fort Davis to do some hiking.  I leave you with some Texas flowers we have seen along the way.   Now to find out more about them and their names. 


  1. Glad you're enjoying yourselves after your ridiculously long crossing. The flowering plant on the top of your post is some kind of yucca, and the last one is a hesperaloe also known as a Texas Red Yucca. I don't know what kind of cactus has the purple flowers but we've seen purple, red, orange and yellow on that type of cactus. The desert is beautiful this time of year, flowering like crazy. Enjoy the rest of your time in Texas!

  2. Thanks for being here guys. Hopefully tonight we can sample a couple other watering holes.

  3. Nice to see you having some different adventures. Lovely flower photos.