Sunday, June 21, 2020

A Memory From Our Past Travels

For years we thought this was a hacienda.  One day we ran into a couple from Nuevo Padilla who told us it was the elementary school built in 1934.

Today in the news they shared the story of Don Alejo, an honorable and well-known man in Allende, NL who defended his ranch in Padilla, Tamp. 10 years ago. He died in a gun battle with narcos leaving four dead. They were determined to take his ranch away from him.  He knew in advance they were coming because they warned him. I remember these dark times here in the area where I live; fear, terror and helplessness.   A ballad was written about him.  They interviewed his wife and two daughters in the newspaper.  

The church was underwater for many years.  The walls are filled with holes.  Like all old and abandoned churches in Mexico, legends exist about hidden treasure.

You can tell this was a few years back.  This is a picture of our old travel trailer.  It took us a lot of places.

Viejo Padilla was a place of escape from reality. A dam that covered the original town that after years took its water level exposing parts of the old town. We took the trailer there several times over the years spending days enjoying what you see in the photos.  It was the perfect rving spot, boondocking at its best.  All of the foundations from the houses remained, nice and level with some right next to the water.  Fishermen sold their catch, bass, and you could grill them there on the spot.  Lots of nooks and crannies to explore and always some digging going on to find someone's treasures they left behind before the town moved them 15 km away.  

Times have changed and so have those of my life, but we have great memories of Viejo Padilla and our trips down the East coast. We met a lot of Rvers back then in Tamaulipas and Veracruz. Sad though because still, it is a place where you cross the line from happiness to danger.  Stop any federal and ask them what they think about traveling that way.  They'll tell you not to even try it.  I am thankful for the opportunity to get to know Viejo Padilla and her past history. Hopefully one day we can return.


  1. Thanks for the stories Chris. Really interesting. Sad, but interesting.