Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Some Are Red and Some Are Orange

You can see we are not improving.  The map only reinforces the fact that the number of cases continues to rise.  Today we are closing at over 18,700.  

The map and the colors red and orange relate to the stoplight you see in the upper right-hand corner.  Some businesses are opening that are still considered essential but not at the original definition.  Everyone has an opinion about Mexico but you don't hear them giving an opinion on the U.S.  I have one.  Florida, Texas, and Arizona are opening up and the number of new cases have skyrocketed in the last week.  It's not that opening up is a bad thing.  The problem is that human beings cannot be trusted to follow the rules.  How many times have you said to yourself, your partner when rving or boondocking, or a friend, "it's just this once".  Fine, now multiply that by the millions of people are saying the same thing.  If you are rving right now, I think you are safer than going out from your house.  You have less contact with people and the things they touch.

Let's talk about the things people touch.  Including children, we have a tendency to touch everything.  Tactile senses are part of what every living thing does, even the virus.  Men generally do not wash their hands after going to the bathroom.  I can attest to that having worked in schools with children, adults and teachers.  Using restrooms in public places like RV parks.  We all pick our noses and scratch our privates, some discretely and some not so much.  We rub our eyes, scratch our asking and run our fingers through our hair.  That's all good and we are immune to what most of us do from the above.  But when a virus without a cure, remedy or vaccine is involved it is a different ballgame.

Okay, so now that my state has turned orange, we can legally go outside for exercise maintaining distance, using a mask when required and getting fresh air.  This week I extended my walking area still doing 10K daily.  I have found new paths where there are no people or less than 10, which has been the maximum that I have crossed.  I keep my mask at half-mast and when I see someone coming from a distance up goes the flag.

Tomorrow will be my day out.  I am taking the SUV, one more time, to have the fan clutch checked which we replaced two months ago.  I'm still not happy with it and it wasn't done by the dealer and it shouldn't have to be.  I just need confirmation that it is working.  It seems to come on and off by itself with no visible increase in temperature (meaning the dummy gauge) and it roars so loud it is almost embarrassing.  I will swing by Home Depot for a small item I need for the rv.

All this in preparation for a trip we will be taking in July to Tula, Tamaulipas.  If I think the SUV is working well after the diagnostic, and I use it for some short drives, we may change our destination.  I am still skittish about mountain driving after our event we had three years ago.  I need to get over that. 

After 10 years with a nagging pool leak, and many attempts to find and fix it, we found it today.  A young guy who charges 4000 pesos said he would find it.  I was very skeptical after attempts of drilling holes in the deck and injecting LP gas, digging holes and listening with a stethoscope, and other odd and bizarre methods that took our money.  They worked for four hours.  Found it.  These guys earned their money and they showed us the leak.  No holes and no divining rods.  Amazing.  He will send an estimate tomorrow evening and we will begin work on repairing the leak, replacing the pipes and then a remodel.  The pool hasn't been in service for two weeks now because I just couldn't keep topping it off and wasting water.  

Speaking of water.  We have a well so we pump using electricity.  We got our bill for two months.  After using the A/C almost every night (it's been in the high 90s and over 104F a couple of time, the bill came it at 564 KwH and a total of 535 pesos or $13.50 per month.  I have the A/C on right now.

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