Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Getting Prepared For July


One of my morning walks.

There are still lots of things going on here at the ranch.  I told you last time that we found the leak in the pool.  The guy really knows his stuff.  We asked for an estimate to replace all the PVC pipe and the jets.  That means opening up the concrete deck, replacing the pipes and filling in the deck so it can be recovered with CoolDeck.  That's a stucco type material that doesn't get hot in the sun so you can walk around barefoot.

We had an old tree in the front yard that had died.  We tried saving it by removing limbs one at a time but it finally tired out.  Also, the trees that act as a barrier between neighbors was getting way out of hand and a crew came and did that as well.  They cleaned up all the mess and hauled it away.

Still pending are replacing the sliding glass patio door and a bedroom window with dual panes, subtle makeover for the laundry room, and moving an air conditioner.

Sunday afternoon I got a wild hair and decided we should move the studio from the front bedroom to the back bedroom.  That was at 4:30.  By 5:45 we had moved the studio furniture to the living room, the living room into the new den and the spare bedroom into the old studio.  Did you follow that?

Now we have A/C when and where we want it.  The studio didn't have a minisplit so now we are all happy during happy hour.  I hate being in bed to watch a movie, I enjoy sitting up.  In the future, should guests spend the night, we won't be three feet away from them like before, they will be on their own side of the house with the half bath.

The RV is ready to go.  I still have one project to finish and I may make a DIY video.  I have been working on preparing a YouTube channel.  I already have three old videos on there but there are a lot of nuances to work out.  

Kevin posted some pictures on his blog the other day of crops growing in the fields while they were driving.  He asked if it was mustard or some other crop?  I told him it reminded me of an anecdote from when I was a kid.

My mom had grown up on the farm, didn't finish 6th grade, and worked as a maid for a well-to-do family in Kansas City until she married my dad.  We would go to visit relatives on the farm in the summertime.  My mother always pointed out the different crops along the roadside, what was growing, and how far along they were.  On this particular trip, all of us sitting silently in the station wagon as my mother named crops, my little brother popped out of the back seat and started yelling, "Look mom, the horses.  They're mating they're mating".  My mom, quick as a whip, grabbed his jaw turned his head, "and over here we have green beans, broccoli, corn . . ."

The things we remember.


  1. Yep, the things kids say...they tell it like it is. A young boy came to visit us at office, a relative I believe of the boss. Boss invited all of us to lunch...I'm paying he says. We were all gathered when the little boy told my boss his breath stinks. We were all shocked...& the boss laughed it off. We had a good lunch.

  2. I will have to test out your guest room one day if things ever get back to "normal".