Tuesday, June 9, 2020

What Happened To Sunday - Lockdown?


A scene from my morning walk.

Sunday I had my chores to do; cutting grass, cleaning the pool and I also cleaned the house.  After came a wonderful nap and around 5 p.m. I realized that I had been living in Saturday when it was actually Sunday.  I don't know if that is part of the "shelter in place", retirement or a bit of both.  I'm losing track of time and I guess it really doesn't matter anymore. 

The heat is on and we reached 40C 104F.  The pool is coming in handy.  We close up the house around 11 a.m. and it keeps it somewhat comfortable until around 4 p.m.  Now the A/C is on here in the bedroom.  It is really hard to take a trip somewhere at the moment.  Highways seem to be okay but when your in a small town you might get stopped.  A lot of controversy on social media rving sites in Mexico about crossing the border.  The majority of it is hearsay and we've heard of no one being denied entry into Mexico with an RV or vice versa.  People like to really talk this stuff up and it's like a gossip chain.  I prefer first-hand accounts, pictures and video.

We are setting our sights on Tula, Tamaulipas in July.  It is a pueblo magic and the highway takes us through Ciudad Victoria.  I would like to spend the night there or nearby before crossing the mountains to Tula. It's not a big event of a place but we did pass it on our way to SMA and it merits a couple of days.  It's only 400 km but we like Cd. Victoria and they have good food there.

COVID is now taking it's toll in Mexico.  As of today, 14,053 deaths.  The number is growing and people are still believing it's a hoax thanks to Presidente Dingus.  He refuses to wear a mask, is traveling to visit small towns again and gathering people to listen to him

Now he is saying we need to return to an austere life.  Food should be Mexican basics; beans, rice and corn tortillas.  As he speaks and says we only need one pair of shoes, he goes to cross his legs and you can see he is wearing a pair of Crocket and Jones estimated at $1000 USD.

His latest is that he has no bank accounts, needs no money, and has turned all of his worldly assets over to his sons from his first marriage.  They work for the government too, how convenient and are also owners of a brewery, a soft drink company, and a high-end chocolate producer in Tabasco.  A bit hypocritical, isn't it?  His friend and head of the CFE (electric company) Don Manuel, is also the owner of 200 properties and businesses although he put them in his live-in girlfriend's name and that of his children.  Don Zoe, the head of IMSS, contracted the COVID virus as well as all of his children.  Turns out, his family is the owner of seven medical supply companies that supply IMSS.  So, you're probably glad that with Presidente Dingus he has eliminated corruption from the face of Mexico as he claims.

He is also attacking the Jalisco state governor because they are in disagreement over the number of cases being reported, lack of hospital supplies for doctors and nurses, and the fact that the governor and seven other states want to run their states differently than the federal dictatorship.

The outhouse hole gets deeper and deeper as we go on.  Four and a half years to go and counting.  I wonder how long it took Chavez to implement his plan of austerity, nationalization and general destruction of a wealthy country?

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  1. Cd. Victoria is one of the places we never made it to. It did not have a great reputation for a while and I am happy to see that has changed. You are getting hot weather but up here in Campbell River I am wearing a light jacket most days. I miss Mexico!