Saturday, January 9, 2021

Counting Down The Days or Is It The Weeks?
The year has started and it really was with a bang.  The capital being invaded.  Who would have ever thought that would happen.  

I am learning new things about our camera we bought a few years back.  I was finally able to figure out how to take a close up of the moon and get some crater views.  It worked!  I still want to get closer and it is just a matter of practice.

I had made enough pizza sauce to make another pizza and had it in the freezer.  I made another pizza and it was delicious.  So delicious I doubt we will buy a pizza again unless we are in a good Italian restaurant.

The virus has stopped a lot of activities.  One for us were the buyers of our land in Allende.   The family came down with COVID and the husband is still recovering.  No social medicine so they are paying out of their pockets.  Probably they will have to get a second on their home.  Good thing Lolita is allowing second loans during COVID.

We've been hit so hard by the virus that we are in weekend lockdown many of which people are being picked up and jailed while shutting down weddings, social events, and neighborhood parties.

I just posted on a YouTuber's video.  They are galavanting around in Arizona which as of two days ago is a major U.S. hot spot.  Big events and parties between nomads, rvers, and vanlifers.  Quartzsite is still drawing lots of people, maybe not the mega crowds but I guess if you are in a motorhome you are immune and so are the people you meet up with.  Funny how people think.  One famous nomad couldn't understand how they could shut down public restrooms and showers and put up a porta-potty.  Simple!  People are standing next to each other, showering, coughing, hawking, blowing their noses, talking, brushing their teeth, and that S--- is going everywhere. With the porta-`potty it's one person at a time and as the person exits you wait a few minutes in hopes the droplets hit the ground before you enter or at least the risk is highly reduced.

We're still on the same stay at home rules.  I may miss out on a lot, like maybe a year, but after I'll be alive to live a few more.  We are supposed to get our vaccines at the end of March.  That said, one of the mayors in Monterrey (we have nine municipalities in one city and each is independent) said he wants to buy the vaccine for everyone in the municipality.  As I have said, the 10 northern states have formed an alliance against the federal government.  Now the word is spreading and they are thinking about not waiting for the bureaucracy of the federal dictatorship and we'll just pay for it out of our state pockets.  

Total deaths today in Mexico is 133,000 with the highest numbers recorded in the last three days.  Same in the U.S. 336,000 and we were warned about the holidays.  But, I guess a couple of million dead people don't matter as long as you don't it.  Right?


  1. Right. I don't understand it. I live in a little town in the middle of Texas, 80% Trump town, and tests are coming back 30% positive. Which is more than twice the rate for alarm according to our Repubican governor. Hospital stays full. 78 people have died. There are 600 active cases. The population is about 39,000. There are no ICU beds available in the region, which includes a larger population. I think Arizona isn't much better. Maybe they can get by with the sun/warm fest in Arizona.

  2. JudithK, hard to escape it as the days and weeks go by. Today, Mexico City announced a Code Blue, less attention to severe or likely to die cases and attention to those that have a chance. That is an indication of how severe it is now. Be safe and in touch.

  3. Greetings. First off, that was a great looking Pizza. I bet it was good. You mentioned you posted a "You Tube" video. How can I find out how to look at it? I watch a lot of RV type videos of the group in Arizona. Too me, they are taking a chance not wearing mask and staying 6 feet apart. But I guess it is their life to live the way they want. As for me and partner we mainly stay home and go out for long walks. Only a few more months and we will have stayed home for one year. We live in Los Angeles area. Virus is out of sight here. They plan on using Dodger baseball stadium to give out vaccine shots. Soon appointments will be available for that. Hopefully that will go well.
    Stay well. Enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Hi David. It wasn't my video but YouTubers I have watched for years. I guess that's what makes it disappointing. Send me an email at I don't want to shame anyone and they are really all very nice people but with a different POV. You'll be shocked by the video and there are hundreds doing the same thing in large groups. SLDS