Friday, January 29, 2021

Where Did Mexico's President Go? VIDEO UPDATE

UPDATE - The president has reappeared in a 60-second video.  He is shown his national palace in the Zocolo in Mexico City.  Walking slowly and obviously feeble he says he wants to show that he is in good health to avoid any rumors. 

We haven't heard a thing from the Mexican president other than his announcement that he tested positive for COVID.  That was last weekend.  His interior secretary has been handling his morning diatribes but refuses to answer any questions about his health other than saying he is doing fine.

You would think we would see a short video clip of him waving to his fans, a short word either via tape, radio or in writing.  Not a peep.

Is this a hoax to play on Covid?  He's been known to do this type of thing on a couple of occasions.  Last month he said he was giving up his morning sermons but then the next day said he was just joking.

I much as I don't like the man, his administration, cabinet, and party, he is Mexico's president and it would be a tragedy if something happened to him.  Mexico would be thrown into chaos having his interior minister take over for two months while the senate attempted to make a decision for a new president.  

We're all waiting.  So, I guess it is fair that he would say that COVID is real.

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