Saturday, January 23, 2021

There's Always Something Good (and Bad) That Comes Out Of Everything 

First off, positive thoughts for our friend Brenda.  Brenda is a well-known photographer who covers cultural events here in the state and beyond, mostly theater and dance.  She has been intubated and hospitalized with COVID for several weeks now.  Here three children are being cared for by family, all three have COVID.  

Yesterday I ventured out into the world not sure of what would be. I decided I should take all the precautions and the ones that I normally do. This is my attire for grocery shopping. I haven't been for some time in person and ordering online was not getting us all the detailed items we needed. Off I went, out into the cold and dreary world of COVID where the only communication is a raise of eyebrows or a gesture with the hands. It's mysteriously quiet these days, no hellos, go ahead, or not even a short "howdy-do". On Thursday our national secretary of health said no state would be allowed to buy vaccines on its own. Oh shit, the roller coaster ride again. On Friday during his 2-hour diatribe, the president reverses the decision. This government has become quite comical, to say the least and has kept me entertained for months. What better viewing than a Pinochet-styled dictator who has no control, stumbles on his words and has been proven to be a bit senile. So now, states are on road trips visiting different countries and pharmaceuticals around the globe. Our great state of Nuevo Leon is off to Russia and is confirming a deal for 2 million vaccines. Monday or Tuesday we'll know more results of the race similar to "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World". Wait, I may have put too many "Mads" in the title but that makes it even more fitting.
With the end of winter and the warmer weather arriving now, we made the decision to have our trees and shrubs cut back. The good, the bad, and now the ugly. A crew came full guns swingin', the boss, seven men, two enormously long ladders, and three chainsaws. It was a massacre. They worked every day all day for three and a half days. Needless to say, it was a marathon and the place was looking like a hurricane had hit. Today was the last day and they came to clean the palm trees. I had been cleaning out some drawers in the kitchen and came across an item for the trailer. I walked out opened the trailer door. I could see straight into the bathroom and saw light through the wall above the sink. Oh My God! A limb had hit the trailer and busted a small hole right in the side of the trailer. It's the size of an electrical outlet in length and about 4 cm wide. The inside looks much worse than the outside. They weren't going to tell us. We called the boss and we are waiting for a resolution.

I've decided to try some of those wacky Facebook video recipes and see what kind of bread we come up with this week.  It looks like the U.S. is back on course and it will take a couple of decades for the country to regain its reputation.  Oh the damage an individual can do.  Now you know why I am so concerned about Mexico.

While cleaning out those drawers, I found some old CDs.  I put them in and found some great rving pictures from 2002 to 2004 before the blog.  This is our Trailmanor 3326 hard-sided folding trailer.  It was fab.  I don't know why we ever went to a standard travel trailer.  I think it was the "pop up" stigma.  We pulled it with my best SUV ever, a 98 Nissan Pathfinder.  We finished that Pathfinder in 2007 with 465,000 Km.  A V6 with lots of power.  It was a swell looking car to boot and very comfortable.

This was a Christmas trip we had taken that led us to Fort Davis, TX.  We took a lot of hiking shots and one that I found shows Juan sitting on a ledge.  While reviewing the pictures today, out in the distance I saw a speck.  I think I found another UFO.  I'll post it this week. It's not one of the weather reconnaissance balloons tethered along the border. 


  1. Don't think we can use too many "mads" these days. Your comments about the government are often hilarious...
    Thank goodness for your sense of humor! Looking good in your safe and sound attire. Some people so badly
    affected by this virus and many others...not at all. Sorry for your friend and her family. Hopefully they will recover.

  2. Strong prayers for your friend, Brenda & her family. How is your friend Irma? Hope she recovered. Goodness, lousy about your trailer wound! Thanks for the Sunday update. Gosh, another week coming up.....stay well!