Thursday, January 28, 2021

The Good, The Bad, and The Truly Ugly

Taken January 27, 2021, at 10 p.m. with a Canon EOS Rebel T6 250mm zoom lens.  Full moon 99%.

It appears we are making headway here in Mexico.  Mexico has ordered 20 million doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine although it still hasn't passed approval by COFEPRIS (Comision Federal Por La Protección Contra Riesgos Sanitarias) the Mexican FDA.   The other good news is that Nuevo Leon may be the site of a vaccine manufacturing plant along with the approval of our state-sponsored purchase of a vaccine still to be announced.

The truly bad news is that INEGI (Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geografía) statistics and geographic information, published a census and statistical data report outlining deaths in Mexico.  Between January and August of 2020, 683,000 deaths were recorded in Mexico.  More than any other year in the history of recorded statistics with the exception of one specific period.  What was that period?  The Pandemic of 1918.  That tells us that the majority of the deaths during this period are COVID-related.  INEGI stated that there were 45% more COVID deaths than officially recorded as those deaths were not in hospitals.  That's a show of how many people were not treated in hospitals and confirms what I have said over the past few months.  People were either afraid to be hospitalized or they were told to stay at home because there were and still aren't any beds available.

Several months ago when the news was reporting a lack of beds in hospitals it got me thinking and I have been doing some research to understand how that can happen.  There are different methodologies for hospital planning and construction.  The bottom line is that both public and private facilities are not based on other businesses, if you build them people will come.  It's about statistics on common illnesses, cancer treatments, disease and outbreaks along with population concentrations in specific areas.  There lies the theory.  COVID was unexpected although epidemiologists and virologists had said that something was happening years ago.  How bad is this coronavirus and how many people are dying?  Enough to tell us that based on hospital construction and the number of hospitals and beds, it's more than was ever planned based on statistics.  I guess my point is that the virus is a real killer and the 2 million recorded COVID deaths plus all those in treatment on ventilators, is much more than we can handle.  Hard to believe though that some people believe it's just like the common flu and the death rates are normal.  Time and history will tell us the truth.  People do not have to die.  Bottom line.

The rv is ready to roll.  I finished the reinstall of the original toilet.  It leaked a bit and I found that the cone washer was missing.  Bought one at Home Depot and worked great.  I also replaced an exterior tail light bulb that was not flashing only working in brake mode.  I also installed the LP tank tray.  You may remember I had a guy make a new one and I bought the rod that is used to hold it into place.  I put it off as I hate to drill holes in things.  I did it anyway using tapping screws and it worked just fine.  Then, the new hole in the side of the trailer made by the guys cutting the trees.  I put a solid wall socket cover over it for now until I find someone to do the fiberglass.  I may just leave it that way, it looks like it belongs there.  

A nephew's MIL in Cincinnati received her vaccine yesterday so I imagine that my oldest brother living down the street will be able to do it soon as well.   

With Mexico's president at home with COVID, his secretary of the interior has taken his place in his morning two hours history courses.  She refuses to answer any questions about his health or the current state in Mexico of COVID.  He may be sicker than we think or are being told.  Several members of his cabinet have now tested positive along with politicians he met with in northern Mexico last week.  

The weather has improved and is getting warmer but with chilly nights and early mornings.  Fine with me.  It appears that the trees are already budding and the grass is ready for its first cut.  We've been cooking up a storm and you many have seen my loaf of bread that I posted on Facebook.  The pic is a bit fuzzy but you get the idea.  It's called sponge bread and it not only tastes great but makes for good toast and grilled sandwiches.  

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