Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Beginning

Well, here we go. I have been saving all these good things to share with you about living and boondocking in Mexico. I hope the title of the blog isn't too confusing but I don't want to leave anything out. Hence, the name living and boondocking. Just in case someone may be confused, living is the part I do everyday at my "compound" outside Monterrey and the boondocking is what I do in my free time with my travel trailer.

Boondocking is rving without hookups and without the use of an rv park. Seeing that I live in NorthEastern Mexico, we only have a few rv parks. The closest is 2kms from my house and the next closest one is 285kms. I boondock to escape the noise and the problems of most rv parks not to mention there poor service. I feel I can do more on my own and learn quite a bit about the world without being on a concrete pad.

Here you are free to post your opinions. Please answer the poll questions as I will use that to form my ideas here that will give you all the information you need to boondock or live in this wonderful place, Mexico.

Also, as I am new to blogging, pls feel free to teach me what you know to make this the best boondocking blog on the web.


  1. Hi Chris - Looks like you've found the best of both worlds--My name is Lydia. My husband, Barry, and I live in St. Augustine, FL. We just upgraded from a 2003 Aliner to a 2008 FF 189FBS a couple of weeks ago and have been packing, or "nesting", getting ready for our first venture. We're leaving next week for 4 days to Gamble Rogers SP just 40 miles south of home. Thought it would be a safe first trip just to check everything out. Anyway, your home in Mexico looks you live and/or camp near the beach? We'd love to see more photos when you get a chance to add them. Also I do have a question that you might be able to help with--the Aliner didn't have a bathroom, now that we've "moved on up" can you give some insight or helpful hints on dealing with the gray/black water sewer hook-up? We bought the '08 used so we didn't get any instruction on it's use and have come to rely on the forum for mostly all of our info. We are towing with a 2000 Honda Odyssey which Barry has outfitted with airbags in the back and a transmission cooler under the hood. We're planning to upgrade (when we get the $$) to a Toyota 4Runner V8, but that might be next year! (ha!) Do you think the Honda is a good TV for now, at least on the flat lands? Anyway, congrats on the new blog...we'll keep in touch from time to time, and who knows--we might even see you one of these days! If you're ever in St. Augustine, please look us up! (
    Lydia -

  2. Chris, very nice site! I enjoyed reading through it very much.

    I know you from the Fun Finder forum. I've always enjoyed your posts there, so, of course, this site is bookmarked.


    2008 X-160
    2006 Toyota Sienna

  3. Chris;
    Nice site! My name is Ed and I am thinking about retiring in Mexico and wonder about the lifestyle. Is it a cool place to be? Do people like Americano's. I heard there are compounds of Americans down there....are these good places to hangout or what? Hey, be cool man and good luck.

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments. I am really excited about sharing all the great places I have boondocked as well as how to live the good life.

    I shy away from American compounds and enclaves. I live in a typical Mexican neighborhood, all working people and mixed class. The move from the city to the country is on as Monterrey continues to grow. So many people, who were once just farmer folk, are now selling their land at high prices and making a good profit. I will talk more in the future about options/lifestyles for foreigners living in Mexico.

  5. Very interesting Blog Chris! It takes a lot of guts to permanently change countries like you have. I don't know if you have met Lee Jacobs in Mazatlan but she has done the same thing and has no regrets! We had a great time with her back in December.

    We love Mexico and it's people and we will be back next year, heading down to the South border and maybe going into Belize and Guatemala for a peek into life there. We have to investigate immigration rules for those countries first.