Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Copper Canyon - Creel, Chih.


It was great pulling into Creel. As I said yesterday, the scenery between Tonachí was incredible. The rv park, Hotel Villa Mexicana runs around $25 a night and has full hookups. We asked for a primitive rate and they let us stay for $10 a night. The place is really nice.
It is an ex-KOA. There are rooms, the standard KOA cabins, great showers and restrooms, pull-through rv spots and a restaurant/bar. Also, if you decide to take the train from Creel through the canyon, you can store your rig for $5 per day.
After we set up we headed straight for el centro. It is a ten minute walk from the rv park. Lots of tourist activity and we were on the look out for tourist information. At the main plaza is a tour guide center. Inside they list their rates for the different tours. We spoke with a couple different guides to get the scoop on what was the best to see.
Lots of shops line the streets and the train runs right off the main drag. We saw many tour buses with mostly Mexican tourists. Apart from all the shops that sell souvenirs, the restaurants, hostels and hotels,their is a church in the plaza that was founded by Father Luis Verplanken, a Jesuit priest from Guadalajara, who opened the Clinica Santa Teresita in 1965 next to the train tracks. It now houses the Mission Store, where Tarahumara handicrafts are sold, to help support the clinic. Great souvenirs at a very reasonable prices and for a good cause.
We stayed in Creel for two nights and three days. I'll show you some of the tours we took and talk about the cost.

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