Thursday, April 17, 2008

Monterrey's RiverWalk-Santa Lucia

Today I'll be having lunch on the Riverwalk with my good friend Andreina from Mexico City. She will be here on business and we have made a lunch date along with a work mate of hers.

Last fall the International Forum was held in Monterrey at Parque Fundidora, which was a steel foundry for almost 100 years before it was closed because of the pollution it had caused and a huge city park was borm. People came from all over the world. The main objectives of the Universal Forum of the Cultures Monterrey 2007, was to generate consciousness and commitment to adopt sustainable ways of life for our planet and our societies.

For this great event, the Santa Lucia Riverwalk was born. It extends from the city center to the convention center 3kms away. Gondolas take passengers from one end to the other on a spectacular ride, even more spectacular at night.

Although the riverwalk is complete, it is still in the process of adding restaurants, hotels and drinking establishments but those are well underway. This is one of many tourists attactions that Monterrey has to offer. I will try to post a picture of my friend Andreina later on today.

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Wow, what a lunch. We didn't make it to the Santa Lucia Riverwalk. Instead we had lunch at the posh and swanky Atlantica which is twin sister to Pacifica located across town (get it!). This is a seafood restaurant and we had Oysters Rockafeller, Molcahete with shrimp, and fried stuffed jalepeños (stuffed with shrimp). It was great and tomorrow is liquid diet around here :). So we chatted for quite a while and I had two glasses of white wine. I just got home so you can imagine what an afternoon it was. Here are my friends from Grupo MacMillan Publishing:



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  1. sure are having fun Mr. if you ever need and assistant email me, i would love to find a job there and start a new life...(