Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Honesty Is Still The Best Policy
Last night I was admiring the new lights that were installed in the living room and it got me thinking about what I paid for the lights and the dimmer switch. On close inspection of the invoice, I realized that one lamp cost 128 pesos and the other 32. How could that be if they were the same. At first I thought, wow, did I get a bargain. But then I realized that "honesty is the best policy". Today I returned to Home Depot to explain my situation. They agreed that there was a problem and called for someone from the lighting department. Upon closer investigation, they charged me for one white and one black fixture. The black fixtures are now discontinued and are being sold for 32 pesos. Weird. They said there was no issue for them. So now I am trying to figure out how I could use some more of these around the house. Hey, at less than 3 dollars with the bulb included you just can't go wrong.

Funfinder Mods
Someone recently asked me if I had made any mods to the Shadow Cruiser Funfinder. Well I have and I have some pictures to show you. First off, I don't care much for dinettes. The focus of the rv for me is a comfortable work/living area. After the first year of thinking I wanted to leave the rv as original as possible, I took out the dinette. We were planning on a long trip to Las Vegas via Phoenix where we visited friends. I remembered how much I liked the barrel chairs that were in the Trailmanor. Low-profile, swivel, and just the right size for people under 5'7". I got on the Trailmanorowners page and found a guy selling two chairs. I phoned him up and believe it or not, he lived in the Phoenix area. We made a deal. He had sold his TM and bought a motorhome. For some reason he still had the chairs. He was leaving on vacation and left the chairs on his back patio. We swung by, picked up the chairs and dropped a check under the door. Done deal.
Pretty neat, huh! Well the best part, which shows that I can do some handy things when I really want to, is the carpet-covered wheel well. I had the LP detector and an outlet that needed to be relocated. So I took out the wheel well and cut new places for both the LP and the outlet. I purchased track to hide and protect the cabling.Another addition to the Funfinder was a gauge for the LP tank. I had a great one on the Trailmanor and it was fairly accurate. I happened into Costco one day and they had a gauge for under 200 pesos. What the heck! It works okay, isn't the most accurate but it is a reminder for me to check the tank. I can't help but see it when I hook and unhook or adjust the level height.

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