Thursday, May 1, 2008

Today Is Labor Day!

Yes, today we rest. All of our hard work, labor, plans, we celebrate on May 1st. As my mother used to say, "what do you do that for?". As odd as it may seem, many people do ask why we do things differently here than in the U.S. Why do we keep different hours, why do we celebrate common holidays on different days? Why do we use bars on our windows and build walls around our house? Hey, that's Mexico and that's what makes us different.

So today there is a big parade downtown. I won't be going as I don't care much for big crowds. All businesses, banks, government offices, schools, etc. are closed. You'll find some restaurants open along with basic services like gas stations and convenience stores. Grocery stores will also have limited hours.

Dia Del Niño, April 30th

Yesterday was also an important holiday. Children's Day. What a great holiday. All Mexicans young and old celebrate life by honoring their children. Kids are treated to special shows at school, perform plays and dances, have a special lunch with live music and games. Parents buy their children toys and take them out to eat. It is one long and special treat. Isn't that great! It brings the family together, people are out and about and you can see the love and joy in the faces of the children and parents. Do we celebrate Children's Day in the U.S.?

Did you know that Mexico is the second-largest consumer of children's toys in the world! Pretty incredible considering we have the image of a poor country. Here are some pics from a primary school and their celebration. Look at the happy faces on these kids!

Remember that I mentioned my plan to help schools by using funds from my Adsense. I will be posting a "escuela del mes" school of the month that may need some maintenance, paint, supplies or materials and utilities. In Mexico, public schools function in the following way. The Education Department supplies the grounds, buildings, and the teachers. It is up to the PTA to maintain the school and ensure students have all of their supplies and uniforms. So there are schools that are in some lower-economic neighborhoods and they could use some help. So while you are reading the blog and looking at the pictures, if you see an Adsense ad that is useful or of interest, check it out.

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