Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Shock"ing News

That's right, "shock"ing news. I purchased two new rearend shocks yesterday at AutoZone. I took them to the mechanic today and he says they may be the right ones according to AutoZone but the are to wide and will rub against the underside and eventually break. So I went back to AutoZone and they said that's what the system says and they have nothing else to offer me (lo que está aquí es todo lo que hay). Boy, I have heard that a hundred times. So the mechanic offered to find a set and called a short time later. He said he had found a pair and that the price was the same as AutoZone. Great! I will be there at 12:30 this afternoon.

I stepped out to wash the car and when I came back there was a message on my cell phone that said the driver went to the warehouse to pick them up and they must have had an inventory error. Now what? The search continues.

As for San Antonio, I am deciding not to leave today or tomorrow. I have some things pending with my accountant which I decided I can mail and one of my renters needs to sign a contract. That too I can mail. Here's why:

Gasoline on the Mexican side 2 tanks 90 dollars
Gasoline on the U.S. side 2 tanks 160 dollars
Toll highway roundtrip 60 dollars

Add that up and it comes to $310 dollars plus the cost of running around and eating out, I can't justify it. Airfares are out, best round trip is $550 dollars and that is a non-stop so I could drive there in the same time it would take me to drive to the airport, take the plane, the lay over and then get to San Antonio.

With the price of gasoline now in the U.S. I think travel will be confined to Mexico.

Today it will hit 102 degrees F. Not much I can do out in the yard but I will go swimming for sure. I will eave you with a picture of the front yard I took this morning before leaving for work.
"Just what are we going to do?"

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