Thursday, May 8, 2008

Medical Services In Mexico

I passed by the new hospital on the way into town, Hospital Christus Muguerza Sur to see what they offer in way of medical checkups. The hospital is top drawer and the staff very helpful and friendly. I have a list of exams included in the complete physical that I would like to share with you along with the price.

  • ears nose and throat

  • opthamology

  • nutrition evaluation

  • dental evaluation

  • stress test

  • ekg

  • respritory exam

  • x-rays of thorax, lateral, abdomen, coronary

  • colonoscopy

  • density test

  • lab work; hematica, biochemical 12, lipids, hormonal

  • psa (prostate blood test)

  • complete blood work

  • urine test

What do you think the price for this complete checkup is? You need an appointment at least two days in advance. You will receive all containers as well as the stuff they give you for the colonoscopy along with instructions for diet etc. The day of your appointment, you start at 7a.m. and finish by 1p.m. Total price: 8,956.27 pesos (850 dollars).

Newspaper Boy

This is the guy I buy my paper from. We only get the paper on the weekend. Delivery is a bit hard out where we live. Our daily El Norte is 10 pesos and the Sunday edition 12 pesos.

Have the best weekend ever. I will keep you posted on our trip to China. We leave at 3 p.m.
Would you like to know this boondocking spot?

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