Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Summer Vacation Plans - The State of Nuevo Leon


With all the talk of ever-rising gas prices in the U.S. I have given a lot of thought to what we will do this summer. I really would like to travel out West and across to California but even that seems like a lot of road to cover in a month. I have gotten tired of marathon trips where we drive for four days to reach a destination, stay another four days and then have to drive back home.

Over the weekend I mentioned maybe just traveling here in the state and getting to know even better where I live. Take a look at the map below:
You can see by looking at the map that there are plenty of good roads. Also, I have marked the route on the map that you would take coming from Reynosa to get around Monterrey. This route takes you to Allende which is 60kms South. A few statistics:

The state of Nuevo Leon covers 64,924 square kilometers (25,067.3 sq mi), and can be divided into three regions: a hot, dry region in the north, a temperate region in the mountains, and a semi-arid region in the south.
There are 329 kms of toll highway, 3942 kms of libres, and over 3000 kms of rural roads. In addition, there are 51 municipalities each with its own diverse history, culture, dance and most importantly, food! I think this would keep us pretty busy for a month, and although gas is just a little over 2.00 dollars a gallon, we will still come out ahead considering there is only one park that charges an entrance fee so we will be on the boondocking trail. That's the beauty of having a small rig like ours, easy to get in and out of places. But this trip, I will have a hitch wheel in case we get stuck again and I need to unhitch and turn the trailer around.
I gotta run now, but I will be back. I think I need to part with some of my money and hire a gardener. This "cutting the grass" thing is getting pretty old.

Say hello to a stranger today. You never know how much it might mean to someone who has a problem, depressed, or just plain old down in the dumps. Stay happy!

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