Saturday, May 10, 2008

Picking A Summer Destination
If the house doesn't sell by July, we will probably head off for vacation. This year we are taking at least a month but having a hard time deciding where to go. If we go to the U.S., fuel prices will break the bank unless we stay close to the border and limit our miles.

One idea would be to travel through Mexico to the West and head into California from San Diego. Our gas prices remain around $2.20 for regular unleaded and they won't be increasing. Mexican gas prices, that's another story for another time.

I do enjoy the Big Bend area and West Texas. Have you ever driven on Hwy 90 through West Texas? It is really something. Excellent boondocking spots as well as Texas State Parks. Just a sample driving from San Antonio to Terlingua Ranch you would pass Catarina, TX where you can boondock behind the old hotel, Lake Amistad is 4 dollars a night with pit toilets and covered picnic or palapa, Seminole Canyon State Park with the ancient pictographs, Balmorhea State Park has the largest natural swimming pool. Alpine, TX is a great place to park for a week with lots of history, library, gym, internet, famous food and drink hang outs. Fort Davis State Park is just incredible. We spent Christmas there one year. Hiking from the state park to the fort was beautiful. Did I ever mention that we have some land at Terlingua Ranch? We don't get out there very often but it has everything. It is a cooperative and the association has a hotel, restaurant, club house with swimming pool, and rv park open to the public as well. It is conveniently located to Big Bend Natl Park, about 15 miles and many tourists stay at the hotel and the rv park. So that might be an option as we travel across the West.This is the Pecos River crossing before Seminole Canyon State Park. There is a great lookout over the river on the South side where you can boondock.
If you are an rv nut like I am, Hwy 90 provides some good trailer activity, if you know what I mean. We have found old Spartans, Silver Streaks, Nomads, just to name a few waiting to be rescued. I can guarantee you that in Catarina, TX next to the old hotel is a Spartan and the exterior is in brand new shape. It was still there last year when we passed through.

Well, my mind is going a mile a minute thinking about hitting the road.

What Happened To The China Trip?

It was so hot yesterday, 41C, that we decided it would be too hot to go out. By Friday I am pretty beat. BTW, China, Nuevo Leon is about an hour from Monterrey and is situated on a resevoir. Who knows, maybe today is the day to drive out there.

Today Is Mother's Day (In Mexico)

Today is Mother's Day in Mexico. Tomorrow I will post about my mom. She was really something. Here in Monterrey, the streets will be full of traffic, restaurants with long lines, and carne asada wafting through the air as you pass down residential streets. It is a big day for us here and good luck trying to find some flowers.

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  1. Hey! Great to find your blog. Here in the south you can still buy lots of flowers at every intersection. The restaurants though are crowded.