Sunday, May 11, 2008

China, N.L. ------ Mother's Day 2008
I did take off yesterday after all for China, N.L. It was the best decision ever. Turns out, China is right on the edge of a reservoir, El Cuchillo. It is home to anglers and sports a great boondocking spot.
It is safe, secure and has top drawer infrastructure. All the roads are paved, there is an entrance with security where you are required to register, boat ramps, lighthouse, and camping areas with palapas and restrooms. This is like a state park.There is access for rvers of all sizes of rigs right off of highway 40 so no matter which route you take, be it Laredo or McAllen you will be able to arrive safely and quickly. Hwy 40 is the libre from Reynosa and also is the Periferico that can take you East to Saltillo. China is a small town with a real hometown feeling. We had lunch near the town square in La CabaƱa. Air-conditioned, great food and wonderful service.

Registration and Check In

Campsite and Palapa
We took Hwy 85 from home to Allende and then connected to Hwy 9 known as la carretera de concreto (concrete highway). Hwy 9 is a by-pass around Monterrey if you are coming from Reynosa. After exiting the autopista from Reynosa you pass the oil refinery and take the exit that says Cadereyta (centro) Saltillo. A great route if you are heading South from the border on Hwy 85 to Ciudad Victoria, Tampico, Veracruz and all points South.

Yours Truly In Front of The Water

Mother’s Day 2008
What can I say about my mom. She knew I was special. Coming from a family of ten kids, I was number nine. While I was still the youngest child, my mom would make me butter and sugar sandwiches for lunch and we would sit in front of the tv watching Jack LaLanne. She took me to my dreaded dental appointments and would stop and buy me lunch at the Woolworth's lunch counter on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City where I grew up. When times were bad and I was sad, in trouble or couldn't sleep, she would sing Doris Day's song, "Que Sera Sera" and I would feel all better. My mom knew how to handle everything. My mom was the greatest ever She never finished primary school, left the farm and worked as a maid in a house in Kansas City. She was still the smartest woman in the world to me. She's been gone for almost 11 years and I miss just like it was yesterday. I still have dreams about her and always hope that they really aren't dreams but that she comes to visit me. However, I know she is up to something bigger and better nowadays. (My mom's favorite expression, " now what did you do that for")
Happy Mother's day Mom!

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