Friday, May 2, 2008

Off I Go To The Ranchito
As you know, this is a five-day weekend for us here in Mexico. They say the bridges in Laredo, Pharr and McAllen are packed as Mexicans cross the border to go shopping, visit family, go to tourist attractions and drop their pesos on the Southern border of the U.S.

McAllen, TX thrives on two things, snowbirds in the Winter and Mexicans who go shopping, stay at hotels and eat in restaurants.

Today it is off to the ranchito. We will go to Allende to attempt to level the new travel trailer and get it up off the ground, remove the wheels and prepare for the next phase. Phase two will be adding a deck, installing the electric from the city even though I do plan on going solar in the near future. Never hurts to have backup.

But before I go, here are two early morning shots. The first one is a picture of the mountains from the front yard. You've just gotta love the views here. No wonder I want to stay here.

Also, I saw these two guys in the tree this morning. Chachalacas! They come from the lake every morning and start their screaming. It's quite loud and can scare the pants off of guests who have never heard them. The males generally stay on one side and call to the females on the other. A real spectacle at 6 a.m. in the morning.
Welcome to those visitors from Europe, UK and Africa. I wonder how some of you have found this blog. Drop me an email or leave a comment. I can see you on my site meter world map. Thanks for dropping by!

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