Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Mysteries of Bamboo

With all the rain and all the yard work, I have been working my tail off. Here at home, there is a wall in the front and back of the house and on the side is chain link fence with barbed wire on top. All that is hidden with a wall of bamboo that is three meters high and a meter thick. It makes a great privacy fence, is relatively easy to maintain and provides lots of oxygen.
The downside to bamboo is that it grows like a weed if left to its own. The roots spread out and if it does get out of control it may require digging up the yard to stop it. There are other ways to stop its growth. With heavy rains, the bamboo literally grows before your eyes. Look at this photo and you can see the shoots that are over four feet tall above the rest of the bamboo. I trimmed those last thursday, so it has grown that much in less than a week.During this rainy period, some roots have come up into the yard. The key is just to mow them down and the bamboo gets worn out try to come up and it all settles down. After the rains pass, so does this freaky growing period. But you have to admit, it can be scary when you know you cut the wall of bamboo one day and the next morning it is there again.

Some of my students wonder what I do here at home after work besides doing yard work. I really enjoy my time here at home. I have my nap time, work around the house, using the internet, swimming in the pool and having happy hour. Almost every evening, around 6 pm I fix myself a drink? Can you identify this delicious cocktail?After that, I usually fix something for dinner. If you are thinking that life in Mexico includes lots of Mexican food, think again. If I ate enchiladas, sopas, tacos, flautas, fried foods, etc. everyday, I would be one large person and going to the gym would be fruitless and self-defeating. Here is one of my favorite dishes. It is a tuna burger made with an envelope of tuna, egg white, salsa or mustard, etc. and cook in a skillet with Pam and served with steamed broccoli, cauliflower and some black olives on the side.
Today I'm going to the bank to do a transfer. I know other people who transfer money back and forth from their home countries and we all do it a different way. It would be interesting to compare the time involved and the cost of the transfer. Drop me a mail or leave a comment about it.

Some people live for Friday. I have always said that when you do that you wish away your life. Monday is a new beginning to make up for what I didn't finish last week, Friday is like an end to a great adventure that leads me to another. Live as if today is your last day. Peace.

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