Saturday, May 3, 2008

Leveling The Trailer & The Pesky Woodpecker

The new place in Allende is a small neighborhood of 27 lots, each measuring 2500 sq meters. There are two phases, phase one is complete and pretty much sold out.
Phase two is still under construction and there is a crew of workers from Veracruz who were hired to do the job. They are staying there on the property until they finish. Seeing that they are from out of state, they have additional free time and like to fill it with extra work to maximize their earnings before they return home. So I have solicited their help in doing the leveling. I purchased three railroad ties which will support the frame and then it will be raised up on blocks. After that I can remove the wheels and insure it as a house. Much cheaper than an rv.

I opened a thread on the about the woodpecker who comes to visit the windows in the new trailer. Well, he is becoming a bit of a pest by pooping all over the sides of the trailer as he sits on the window ledges and pecks at his reflection. Most of the responses were not what I had hoped. The majority recommended I eliminate him. I just want him to be happy and me too! Still looking for a suggestion on that one.

The best way to start your Saturday or Sunday here in Mexico is with an order of tacos. I ordered a "surtido" (mix). One each of the following; jalepeño de queso, jalepeño de carne, machacado con huevo, chorrizo con papa, and a picadillo. Delicious!

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