Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dia Del Maestro

That's right. Today is Teacher's Day here in Mexico. Most schools will have events to celebrate their teachers, some schools will close in the afternoon and restaurants and private party places will be reserved for teachers to have some fun. My students have already given me chocolates and I think I will be invited to a surprise lunch this afternoon.

Take a look at today's traffic. This is what I battle now everyday coming home mid-morning. Of course when I leave the house at 5:30 in the morning, there is literally no traffic.

RV Sales In Mexico

I doubt will see any big numbers soon, but there are more RV sales taking place here in Monterrey than ever before. Most are used rv dealers but we do have some new car dealers testing the water with new rv sales. Here, take a look:

Used rv sales have been around for a couple of years and there are more and more. As you can see by the picture below, a lot of Class Cs are being sold here. Why, they can be imported as a truck and fall under the 10 year old rule. The Rise Of The Rest

A very good article appears in this week's issue of Newsweek regarding the condition of the U.S. economy, security and general well-being. Many Americans feel as if they are in decline, jobs are going abroad, fuel and food prices are soaring and the government just can't seem to do anything right. The president's rating is the lowest ever.

According to the article, we are really seeing everything we have always talked about wanting. A rise of other nations in terms of reduced poverty, increased incomes, better jobs, improvements in health and an overall sense of happiness.

Well it appears that since American's wish has come true, we don't feel so good about it now. Why? We are sharing the wealth. It has taken the world a couple of hundred years to realize that the best way to improve things is to share what we have with others, not just money, but technology, clean drinking water, jobs and education. So now it is happening. The playing field is being leveled.

As for the Chinese, sure, they will probably become the next super power and logically so. Changing their economy and political outlook has improved the country overall. Just run the numbers, 1.6 billion Chinese and a large percent are now becoming lower and middle class. 5.5 times the population of the U.S. it is only logical they will produce more goods, become bigger consumers, manage larger or mega sums of money. This makes them a stronger power and their buying power of military equipment will also give them a boost.

The world is now a safer place then it use to be, terrorism is confined mostly to Afghanistan and Iraq, less hunger, less poverty and people are living longer. Read the article, very enlightening.

As I said before, now some other poor smuck is finally getting grabs at a piece of the pie. Good for them. Just my two cents.

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