Friday, May 30, 2008


Wow, it's been a long week and what has made it that way is the heat. We were in the 100s and now in the mid 90s. It can really take it out of you. Also, I have been running around quite a bit getting things done on the new property. Again today, I need to the gym, go to my classes, repair the air conditioner in the Funfinder and see that the electrictian finishes the job today in Allende.

I hope to finish about 3 this afternoon and then it is relaxation after that. I really believe that if I were retired I would be on the go all the time and I think that's exactly how I would want it.

With all that has gone on this week it is important to keep an open eye around me to the great things that make it worthwhile, like these pics in town of the mountains. How lucky we are to live in middle of all this. A constant reminder of nature and how we need to appreciate it and take good care of it.

I made it out to the Funfinder today to check the A/C. Two of the four inch screws that hold the air onto the roof have come lose but I can't figure out how to get the interior cover off to get to the screws. I have posted a message on the Yahoo Shadow Cruiser group where I am sure to get an answer.
While I was on my way back from the trailer I realized that I haven't shared a ride on our new Metro line. So next week I am making it a point to go on a ride. It is really something. We have above ground and underground lines that connect and it now goes from the North all the way to the South of the city. It is clean, efficient, safe and inexpensive. As we say here, "es una chulada".

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